Mardie Salt Project Primary Seawater Intake Structure

Project Overview

The Mardie Salt and Potash Project aims to produce 5.35M tonnes per annum (MTPA) of high purity industrial grade salt from seawater via solar evaporation, crystallisation and raw salt purification. Further processing of the salt bitterns will also produce 140 thousand tonnes per annum (ktpa) of fertiliser grade sulphate of potash (SOP), which will provide additional revenue to the project.

The Primary Seawater Intake Structure package included the design and construction of a precast concrete pump station deck supported by driven steel tubular piles. The area under deck was excavated and rock battered to form an inlet where tidal water enters the pump intake area. Electric seawater pumps were installed on the deck which deliver seawater through HDPE pipes and precast concrete dissipator pits to supply approximately 167GL of seawater to the operation per annum. The works also included the design and construction of a 2.4MW power station to provide the power needs for the seawater pumps.

Fast Facts

  • ClientBCI Minerals
  • LocationPilbara, WA
  • Year of Completion2022
  • Value>$15m

Scope of works

The scope of works includes:

  • Bulk earthworks including construction of pad, excavation of intake and rock armouring
  • Piling work involving the installation of tubular piles to support the pump deck
  • Precast concrete deck structure
  • Stainless steel inlet trash screen
  • Supply and installation of HDPE pipes and precast concrete seawater dissipator pits
  • Installation of free-issued seawater pumps
  • Supply and installation of 2.4MW diesel power station and associated fuel storage
  • Supply and installation of MCC room
  • Supply and installation of all associated ancillary equipment including davit crane
  • Installation and commissioning of 6 Seawater Intake Pumps with vendor attendance
  • Management of all Subcontractors in performance of the Work

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