AMC 1 Wharf Extension and New Finger Wharf

Project Overview

The AMC 1 wharf extension at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) increases berthing capacity for users of the common user facility. It has been designed to accommodate current and future classes of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) vessels and supports full-cycle docking for maintenance and upgrade activities.

Stage 1 of the project involved the design and construction of a 153m wharf extension to AMC Berth 1, associated berth pocket deepening alongside the wharf extension, a new substation and services building, upgrades to the existing 60Hz vessel power supply system, and upgrades to the fire water system, potable water, and sewer supply services to vessels. These works were constructed alongside an existing operational wharf.

A new finger wharf was designed for the proposed Berths 7 and 8 which will further extend the capability of the AMC facility to accommodate larger navy vessels and full cycle docking of existing Collins Class and Future Attack Class submarines.

Geomarine delivered the project in an internal joint venture with sister company, Ertech.

Fast Facts

  • Client Development WA
  • LocationHenderson, WA
  • Year of Completion2023
  • Project Value$32.5M

Scope of works

  • Design and construct an extension of the northward existing Wharf 1, consisting of a 153m x 25m precast concrete beams and planks deck extension with an in-situ concrete topping, supported by a steel piled foundation
  • Extend the revetment and associated land reclamation
  • Increase dredge pocket with the extension of the existing berth pocket to suit the northward extension of the AMC1 berth face
  • Construct new services compound at AMC 1, upgrade services at AMC2 and AMC3 to meet the revised requirements and upgrade mechanical services to comply with updated codes. Upgrade high-voltage power distribution, New power frequency converters to increase capacity to service additional vessels, Upgrade potable water system, Upgrade firewater system, Upgrade sewer, Upgrade site stormwater drainage system, New communications and CCTV system.
  • Design structure and services of future proposed Finger Wharf for AMC 7 and 8 berths, consisting of a 272m x 50m precast concrete deck extension with an in-situ concrete topping supported by a steel piled foundation

Further stages to be approved for the works on the AMC Wharf Extension Project include:

  • Construct the new Finger Wharf for AMC berths 7 and 8 which involve substantial reclamation works
  • Design and construct the AMC 2 deck infill and additional mooring bollards at AMC 1

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