Armament Wharf Extension

Project Overview

Ertech and joint venture partner Duratec were awarded the contract to construct a 107° extension to the Armament Wharf at HMAS Stirling on Garden Island, WA. The wharf consists of a concrete wharf deck, one berthing dolphin, two mooring dolphins, cathodic protection, construction of wharf services and provision and installation of wharf furniture.

The JV were able to achieve 5.4% Indigenous participation rate on the total man-hours worked on-site.  One Indigenous team member was supported in completing her Certificate IV in Business Administration while working on the project and was later nominated for an award as Aboriginal Trainee of the Year Award at the CCF awards.

Fast Facts

  • ClientDepartment of Defence
  • LocationHMAS Stirling, Garden Island, WA
  • Year of completion2021
  • Project Value>$50m in JV

Scope of works

Constructing a 107°extension to the existing Armament Wharf consisting of:

  • A 156m x 25m wide in-situ flat concrete wharf deck on a tubular steel pile wharf with local widening to 33m to facilitate vehicle u-turns
  • One berthing dolphin
  • Two mooring dolphins at the northern end with access vial steel walkways
  • Demolition of existing dolphins and walkways
  • Dredging of navigational waters in the vicinity of the Armament Wharf extension

Constructing wharf services on the Armament Wharf extension including:

  • Supply and installation of:
  • Firefighting, potable water and electrical (lighting) mains along the extent of the wharf
  • Wharf lighting to facilitate night-time loading
  • Security systems
  • Upgrades to the existing information and communication technology (ICT) networks to enable connectivity between ship cameras and the base security camera network

Provision and installation of wharf furniture including:

  • Fender systems to support the berthing of the MOSC and RAN fleet
  • Firefighting hose reel cabinets and extinguishers
  • Heavy-duty guard rails
  • Hawser rails
  • 200 tonne horn bollards
  • Traffic bollards

“Congratulations for completing the wet commissioning. Not only that it stands testament for the collaborative effort between the project teams and stakeholders, but it demonstrates that the contractor can successfully meet stakeholders’ requirements.”

– Fuel Services Branch, Department of Defence.

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