Ministerial visit

It was great to have the Prime Minister visit the Ertech Group’s Head Office yesterday.

Ertech’s CEO, James Giumelli, escorted the PM and guests, Senator Ben Small, and Linda Aitken around Ertech’s workshop, where they engaged with Ertech‘s employees, apprentices and students of the Motivation Foundation.

One of the group’s apprentices, Dylan Greenfield, kitted the Prime Minister out in safety gear so he could give him a hand removing one of the large tyres. The PM got it right the first time!

Employees enjoyed the opportunity to chat with the PM and many managed to secure a few selfies! What would the world be without it?

Investing in People and Business

James Giumelli,  chatted to the PM and guests about what we do, highlighting the Group’s diverse capabilities and experience in building public and private sector infrastructure. Read more about the Ertech Group here.

In addition, James shared our story as a long-term investor in new and emerging businesses focused on building Australian capability and capacity.  Geomarine is one of those businesses, Julian van der Meer, the Managing Director of Geomarine joined us in welcoming the PM and his guests.

The visit wrapped up with a chat with the Group’s founder, Jim Giumelli, and Timothy Hunter of the Motivation Civil and Mining Academy. The industry is nothing without good people and for nearly 15 years, the Ertech Group has invested in growing capability from the ground up.

It was a great opportunity to reflect on our contribution over 40 years as we farewelled our guests.

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